Want to learn basic knitting or try something more advanced in a fun friendly atmosphere? I have the class for you!

Basic knitting

3x 2 hour lessons

Want to learn a new hobby? Relax after a long day? Make presents for your loved ones?

This super fun class will get you started in your knitting journey, learn how to cast on, knit, purl and bind off.

Knitting in the round

2x 2 hour lessons

Now it’s time to move past the basics of knitting and purling on straight needles and try your hand at knitting in the round on circular needles using the magic loop to make a seamless hat.


A chunky hat.

Two at time socks

10am – 4pm

Have you thought about knitting socks but been too scared by the heel or are you a sock knitter but always get second sock syndrome?

This full day class will give you the perfect introduction to two at a time socks.


A pair of baby socks or mini Christmas stockings.

Continental knit

2 hour lesson

Want to learn to knit faster or make yarn management in colour work easier? Continental knitting is the skill you need!

Continental purl

2 hour lesson

Already a continental knitter but afraid of the purl? Why not try the Norwegian purl to make your ribbing fly by.

Colour work

10am – 4pm

A great introduction to working with multiple colour in the same row, reading a chart and corrugated ribbing.


A custom designed wrist cuff.

Beginners lace

10am – 4pm

Don’t know the difference between a SSK and K2Tog but want to try lace, come along to learn the basics of the magical art of lace knitting with this simple wrap.


A neck wrap.